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Schools brace for brutal 20% (or greater) slash to funding as coronavirus crashes economies; Doc’s face validity check in; Washington State’s “report ...View Details

Doc does a face validity check in, describes the American social contract, and then identifies ways personal privacy changed this month and how those ...View Details

Doc's neighbors are quarantined for 14 days after returning from a coronavirus hot zone; update on face validity; this great disruption is similar to ...View Details

Doc samples locations in his town on a Saturday afternoon to determine face validity of the impact of the coronavirus event on everyday life in southe...View Details

Doc talks about what it means to enter chaos from the perspective of someone that researches crises. THINK OF A BAGEL. It's tasty as hell and also a m...View Details

LIVESTREAM: Dr. Perrodin delivers a rare livestream analysis of coronavirus response, comparisons to 9/11 response, what's unprecedented, what's likel...View Details

Schools aren’t prepared to handle long-term closures due to the coronavirus. Don’t be fooled by germ-zapping robots or custodians fogging hallways wit...View Details

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