Archive for May 2020

Bacon and Doc kick off an unscheduled livestream to offer face validity on the rapid progression of rioting and civil unrest across America. Nick Schu...View Details

Juan Cabrera is a videographer of the homeless condition and has observed San Francisco transform itself into a deranged city due to malfunctioning lo...View Details

Memory is changing. Research shows that as we use the Internet to support and extend our memory we become more reliant on it. Whereas before we might ...View Details

Guest Bacon Maldito talks about new terms since the COVID19 pandemic, shaking Contact Tracers, closing city streets for green space, permanent protoco...View Details

Before 1961, the United States did not publicly educate any children with any disabilities. If a child had cognitive or emotional disabilities, deafne...View Details

Chuck Mak delivers face validity from Pittsburgh, describing the rapid scale up of University of Pittsburgh Medical’s campus for influx of coronavirus...View Details

The coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools this spring. Something else will keep them closed this fall. Doc explains the trifecta that will keep schoo...View Details

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