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Drew Baye has been teaching and writing about exercise for over twenty years, during which time he has personally instructed hundreds of clients, incl...View Details

Vincent LaRosa is a network administrator, Masculine Geek and adventurer. He’s an enthusiast of ancient areas and fascinated with urban decay - includ...View Details

As a school crisis develops, more time means more options. This episode’s guest works to put seconds back on the clock by teaching people steps to imp...View Details

What is legacy? What isn't legacy? Is a Danish a donut with no hole? Listen to guest Rob Says from as this episode of The Safety Doc Podca...View Details

The First Amendment protects so much of what is going on (although the public after a mass attack do not like to hear that). One thing is certain - th...View Details

Nick Schulaner is a 21-year-old guitar-playing Digital Marketer and Mechanical Engineering Student. He has taught in 2 programs teaching people how to...View Details

Atham Aldecua's safety advice is to assume that you are always alone and that anyone else that can help you during a crisis is a bonus. Trust gut inst...View Details

STUDENT will give his best effort in all of his subjects every day. That subjective condition-statement was extracted from a school district's boilerp...View Details

In this episode of The Safety Doc Podcast, I talk with the co-author of Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and...View Details

In 2013, A 7-year-old Maryland kid chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun at school and wound up with two days suspension. The pastry in ...View Details