COMPLACENCY: It was Jean de La Fontaine that stated, “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” Dr. Perrodin describes a severe bicycle accident and reflects upon how his own complacency substantially contributed to painfully "meeting the road" on an otherwise perfect, uneventful August day. THINGS ARE ALWAYS CHANGING: One might think that a safety expert versed in awareness of context and situation would have a robust immunity to complacency – not so, in fact, the more familiar you are with something, the less you observe or question it. SCHOOL SAFETY COMPLACENCY: This is one of the reasons why school safety complacency is a well-documented problem with an elusive solution. Administrators, teachers and students simply “normalize” the school day as an "average-over-time" and even emotional events that change routines and focus safety responses, such as drills, tend to only produce a temporary heightened awareness that fades upon the passing of a few “typical” days of school. LULLED: David shares how complacency compromised his personal safety by lulling him into thinking that his skills were adequate for the situation – and that he would certainly recognize any changes to the well-known context and situation in plenty of time to make appropriate adjustments to avoid an accident. BE AWARE OF COMPLACENT OTHERS: And remember, David describes a situation in which he wasn’t processing the changed environmental cues. How aware are you of others that aren’t “paying attention”? RISKS: Even when you don’t overtly take risks you must remain cognizant that complacency is a risk. FORMATS: You can also listen to this podcast on SoundCloud or on The 405 Media You can view this episode on YouTube FOLLOW ME: On Twitter @SafetyPhD and subscribe to this YouTube channel and the SoundCloud RSS feed. DR. PERRODIN'S SAFETY BLOG: SAFETY DOC WEBSITE: I will respond to discussion thread comments or questions & also to emails.

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