Schools are very collaborative organizations and seek to represent the contexts in which they are rooted. However, school leaders must maintain the distinct purpose of advisory groups, which are largely comprised of parents and community residents, as informing those that make decisions and not allow such groups to transform into a small group model which develops protocols and policies that are then vetted by school leaders and school boards. This over-stepping of “advisory” groups can have devastating consequences when applied to school safety practices. My purpose is to help you to understand the differences between an advisory group and small group model – knowledge that acquires a heightened relevance when a school contemplates its own potential response to a high-profile safety event, such as the Sandy Hook massacre. **You can read much more about this topic in a related post I made on 01-13-2017 to my safety BLOG (linked below)** OTHER FORMATS: You can also view this podcast on YouTube or on The 405 Media FOLLOW ME: On Twitter @SafetyPhd and subscribe to this YouTube channel. DR. PERRODIN'S SAFETY BLOG: SAFETY DOC WEBSITE: I will respond to discussion thread comments or questions & also to emails.

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