Paranormal researcher and author Ileata Kenley joined the Safety Doc Podcast to discuss: spiritual awareness, spiritual self-defense, resources to assist someone negatively impacted by paranormal experiences and house cleansing. Ileata’s vivid stories of investigating the spirit world include a harrowing escape from a paranormal-charged field and a long-dead murderer confessing his guilt. This story-filled show explores safety territory previously not addressed by Dr. Perrodin and serves as a reminder that our everyday world extends beyond what we are capable of perceiving by our typical senses. For example, humans had little knowledge of the infrared spectrum prior to the 1940s, yet today infrared is routinely used to deduce the structure of glucose. Listen to this show an open mind, or better yet, allow this show to open your mind. ABOUT ILEATA. Ileata is descendant of someone accused of being a witch as part of the Salem Witch trials hysteria of the 1600s. Most of her knowledge is folk magic-based. She has taken courses in parapsychology through the Rhine Institute. AUTHOR. Ileata talks about the paranormal investigations that informed her to write and publish the book (available on Amazon) “To Pay The Piper: The real Axe Man.” To Pay The Piper is a short fast-paced book about the Kenley family’s paranormal investigation at the haunted Malvern Manor located in Mills County, Iowa. This adventure leads to a confession from a spirit of a previous owner of the Manor named Ralph Piper. He confirms in an EVP recording who may have committed the infamous unsolved Villisca Axe Murders on June 10th, 1912, plus many more grisly axe murders. WHAT IS FOLK MAGIC? Dr. Perrodin wasn’t aware that he would be conducting folk magic in less than 2 weeks! However, blowing out candles on a birthday cake and making a wish is an example of folk magic, along with placing a horseshoe above a door and tossing a pinch of salt over one’s shoulder. NEVER DO THIS! Ileata warns that assuming an aggressive posture with spirits is a bad approach, although holding one’s ground is acceptable. She also shares that YouTube is polluted with videos on how to perform hexes and other dark rituals and parents should monitor that children aren’t watching such demonstrations. Ileata shares one of the most frightening investigations and cleansings she participated in and also how some people will perpetually attract spirits. OUIJA BOARDS - REAL OR HYPE? “It’s just a piece of cardboard…” Ileata expresses her opinion that Ouija boards are for entertainment and not the championed portal device to other worlds. She explained that what is most likely happen is that the user of the board is opening a mind portal and might be receptive to messages from the spirit world, but as for the board spelling out names or revealing information - nope, it’s just a piece of cardboard. HOW TO SAFELY COMMUNICATE WITH SPIRITS. Being respectful and verbalizing that you have no intentions of bringing harm are keys when interfacing with spirits. Ileata described a disgraceful incident of a cemetery being vandalized and persons urinating on graves of soldiers - acts that certainly stir the ires of spirits. She also mentioned an encounter when a spirit communicated that it was afraid of her! Ileata offers contact information for persons seeking legitimate paranormal investigators and notes that most do not charge to investigate a home. ANYTHING ELSE? Ileata conducts an exhaustive historical search of properties she investigates and also notes that people will sometimes manifest want they expect to encounter. For example, a person that frequently watches shows about hauntings might be primed to experience what they perceive as a supernatural encounter - same with people that pay to go “ghost walks” through older towns. She also shared that several medications influence how people perceive their environments. Many of her investigations “rule out” paranormal activity as other potential causes are identified by Ileata and her research partners. This is a Halloween special that will entertain you, educate you and not spook you to the point where you won’t be able to sleep! FOLLOW DR. PERRODIN: Twitter @SafetyPhD and subscribe to The Safety Doc YouTube channel & Apple Podcasts. SAFETY DOC WEBSITE & BLOG: The Safety Doc Podcast is hosted & produced by David Perrodin, PhD. ENDORSEMENTS. Opinions are those of the host & guests and do not reflect positions of The 405 Media or supporters of “The Safety Doc Podcast”. The show adheres to nondiscrimination principles while seeking to bring forward productive discourse & debate on topics relevant to personal or institutional safety. Email David: LOOKING FOR DR. TIMOTHY LUDWIG, PHD? Dr. Perrodin’s “Safety Doc Podcast” negotiates school and community safety. To be informed about industrial safety, please contact Appalachian State University Professor Dr. Timothy Ludwig, PhD, at THIS SHOW’S GUEST. Follow Ileata on Twitter @ileata and check out her book, “To Pay The Piper: The real Axe Man” on Amazon.

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