Dr. David Perrodin talks to Joe Bruzzese about “The Westlake” summit and centers a dynamic conversation of the bold steps participants took to advance a new school safety agenda that truly serves the best interests of students. Forget the typical school safety conference about binders and drills! This forward-thinking discussion is of incredible importance to everyone, but especially educators or parents of the 50 million children that attend school in America each day! Joe Bruzzese is the CEO of Sprigeo, the nation’s leader in online reporting systems for safety threats, bullying incidents and self-harm. He’s also taught graduate courses at UC-Santa Barbara, authored the book “A Parent’s guide to the Middle Years” - which is available on Amazon. As a former school administrator and current parent of two teens he's covered all his bases when it comes to schools and safety. In the fall of 2016, Joe invited a dozen of America’s top K-12 school leaders to a special “focus-group action summit” called “The Westlake”. Reflecting upon that epic “meeting of the top minds”, Joe believes that those three days in California launched a fresh safety narrative for schools across the country and explains how that innovative blueprint will be further honed by a second gathering of the country’s most prolific school leaders. OTHER FORMATS: You can also listen to this podcast on The 405 Media http://the405media.com/the-safety-doc/ This podcast can be watched on YouTube https://youtu.be/VAGZ1Qn9xK0 FOLLOW ME: On Twitter @SafetyPhD and subscribe to this YouTube channel and the SoundCloud RSS feed. DR. PERRODIN'S SAFETY BLOG: https://crisisprepconsulting.wordpress.com/ SAFETY DOC WEBSITE: www.safetyphd.com I will respond to discussion thread comments or questions & also to emails. SPRIGEO WEBSITE: www.sprigeo.com

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