In March 2020, you awoke to find that the government deemed you essential or nonessential. Over-the-road (OTR) haulers, or truck drivers, were deemed ...View Details

Doc calls our attention to the strange disappearance of civic organizations in America. Peaking in the 1960s, tiny villages and big cities bustled wit...View Details

Doc was recently interviewed by a large-market news company assembling a documentary about youth violence directed at adults. Ultimately, the question...View Details

When his pool vacuum cleaner’s bearings failed, a Florida man didn’t bolt to Amazon to order an expensive replacement vacuum (in the slight chance it ...View Details

Doc discusses the mythical Loki, it’s societal role over time, and our present-day tendency to offload responsibility and accountability to Loki. In a...View Details

On December 17, 2021, the CDC changed its guidance for students in schools who have been “close contacts” to persons that have tested positive for COV...View Details

Have you wondered what life is like for staff and students at a state residential school for blind children? In this episode, Doc shares his experienc...View Details

Sassed1 2Many works in the IT Field as a mainframe technician. He’s an avid shooter, rides motorcycles, and flies radio-controlled airplanes. And all ...View Details

As Doc was writing School of Errors - Rethinking School Safety in America, he talked with parents of children killed or maimed by school shooters. Wri...View Details

Entropy is the gradual decline into disorder. An example of entropy is a melting ice cube. Water molecules are fixed and ordered in the cube. As it me...View Details

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