One of the Midwest’s largest manhunts ended peacefully at a makeshift campsite in a remote area of Wisconsin farmland. Joseph Jakubowski, a Janesville, Wisconsin man accused of sending President Donald Trump a 161-page anti-government and anti-religious manifesto was uneventfully captured by law enforcement on the morning of April 14, 2017. BIZARRE DECISION BY FUGITIVE. When a farmer, who was a retired school counselor, discovered a man camping on the distal fringe of his property, he engaged in a ‘cordial’ hour with him that included a request for the uninvited camper to move from the farmer’s property. At this point, Jakubowski refused to move his camp. Really? It’s unclear as to his justification or why the fugitive simply didn’t feign making a simple oversight in choosing his camping spot. After holding to his property claim, Jakubowski likely expected that the farmer would report him - so was Jakubowski ready for confrontation or prepared to surrender? THREE TYPES OF PUBLIC REACTION. Per the posts left under my own social media and reading other users’ posts about the matter to various discussion threads, it was clear that those posting about the manhunt evenly fell into one of three very distinct categories: (1) Supporters of Jakubowski’s beliefs, (2) People grasping for any information about the manhunt, and (3) Backers of law enforcement and a peaceful society. AWARENESS FADES. It was evident that life was returning to a normal routine for most Wisconsinites as the manhunt exceeded a week. Some events were canceled and overall security was heightened, but this was nothing like the lockdown of an entire region that we observed 4 years ago following the Boston Marathon bombing. Why? FALSE FLAGS. FBI profilers publicly stated that Jakubowski was likely heading East (to Washington DC) and that he might be working with a support network. Yet, he was found 2 hours from his home and presumably never left Wisconsin. Did profilers purposely stir misinformation into the media streams believing that it would eventually reach Jakubowski and either direct his next steps or cause him to lower his guard? I wrote several posts stating I felt he didn’t leave the state and that he was primarily seeking affirmation via his manifesto and subsequent letter to a TV station. Ultimately, it appears he wanted his beliefs to be acknowledged and not to deliver dark justice. We can all be thankful that one of the charges against him will trespassing in rural Vernon County. By the way, profiling is an imprecise endeavor - Google search “Mary Jane Moore”. FORMATS. You can also listen to this podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud or on The 405 Media You can view this episode on YouTube FOLLOW DR. PERRODIN: On Twitter @SafetyPhD and subscribe to “The Safety Doc” YouTube channel and SoundCloud RSS feed. DR. PERRODIN'S SAFETY BLOG: SAFETY DOC WEBSITE: David will respond to discussion thread comments or questions & also to emails. The Safety Doc Podcast is hosted & produced by David Perrodin, PhD. ENDORSEMENTS. Opinions are those of the host and guests and do not reflect positions of The 405 Media or supporters of “The Safety Doc Podcast”. The show is curse free and adheres to nondiscrimination principles while seeking to bring forward productive discourse and debate on topics relevant to personal or institutional safety.

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